Screenwriting Blogs Recap – Wednesday Edition

Delicious details of how to improve your craft, what shows really look like and how to get your script read by important eyeballs abound today in the screenwriting blogosphere. Here are the recaps from my favorite scribes:

Complications Ensue
blogger Alex Epstein explains to a lucky office production assistant how to get their script read by the His parting advice?
“Don’t be a pusher. Be a hooker. That’s how you get ahead in Hollywood.” Classic stuff kids. Write it down.

Lovely Jane Espenson reveals to a lucky reader the art and craft of show bibles, using such shows as “Frasier” and “Battlestar Galatica” as examples. She’s right on the money. A few years ago I had the pleasure of reading the show bible for “Teen Titans,” which explained not only their world but the characters and outlines for ten of the first episodes, many of which were actually written. If/when I find the bible I’ll post it here, but for now, enjoy Jane’s tidbits.

And Kung Fu Monkey hustler John Rogers makes my head hurt as he chronicles the process his staff goes through to create episodes of their shows. It includes LOTS of index cards. Of various colors. Yikes. And he even includes photos of their writing room. Happy folks, they are.

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