Screenwriting Blogs Recap – Weekend Edition

Hello hello my dear readers. It’s time for another exciting recap of the musings heard ’round the scribosphere.

Alex Epstein encourages all writers to tell their story out loud. This will help you be a better storyteller!

John August
explains why it may be better to have screenwriting, rather than non-screenwriting friends, read your scripts.

Mystery Man
explains why each screenplay should be judged on its own merit and not simply a formula a la Robert McKee. I’m glad someone finally said this. It’s as if everyone in the screenwriting world has gone gaga over that guy and his awesomely bogged down tome.

And Rogers at Kung Fu Monkey — let’s face it. The man’s awesome. The man and his team. He actually breaks down on all the shenanigans that go into creating an actual show. Go read his blog. RIGHT NOW.

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