Been so busy working on other things I forgot to put this up. So back in May my friend Mesha invited me to participate in this contest from the makers of NaNowrimo called
Script Frenzy. The goal was to write 20,000 words of an original screenplay in one month, June 1 through June 30th. You cut and paste your screenplay into the site (first scrambling it so that it looks like a bunch of magical A’s) then the site calcuatles your word total and you get this nifty banner. Since I wrote 21,656 words – I’m a winner! And the best part of all – I now have a second feature length script “Darkness Rising” the story of a down-on-her-luck monster hunter who must save NYC from a 10,000 year old beast. Exciting stuff. You’ll see it on TriggerStreet in a few months, but for now, enjoy the beauty that is the snazzy banner.

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