Script Frenzy – kinda concerned

Not because I’m not doing well – I’ve written 41 pages in four days, which is the most I’ve ever written of any script EVER. So this is quite awesome.

No, I’m concerned because I’m afraid I might have ticked off my fellow ML for the region.

Script Frenzy, as wonderous as it is, has been having some website issues, which prevented me from being able to sign up as ML for my city, and also has prevented me from sending mass emails to others within my city. This partly resulted in the other ML for my state making plans without me.

She seems pretty cool, and we’ve been able to iron out a few kinks. But she sent out a mass email detailing events going on throughout the state but left out my city. She mentioned we had a calendar and to check it, but she didn’t provide the links. I sent her an email the other day asking her to at least let me know if she’s planning stuff, and to ask if I’m planning stuff, because I could have sent the links to her.

Haven’t heard from her yet. I tried to be respectful, but I’m concerned that:

a) She’ll think I’m totally angry at her (I’m not, I just wanted to explain myself)
b) That I’m super anal (also trying not to be)

I want us to work well, and we haven’t been communicating as well as we could have been because she’s been jumping the gun, which honestly has ticked me off. But I have high hopes that things will be OK.

Hopefully things will work out well though and everyone will benefit from all the events both of us have planned. I want our state to do well, I want all of us to be inspired by each other’s progress.

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