Script Frenzy – totally not dying! Yeah!

So let me tell you how glad I am that my screenplay is NOT going to crash and burn.

Glad. VERY glad indeed.

Seriously this has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever written since my first spec script I wrote three years ago. It’s been a pretty painful process, which is bizarre since compared to everything else I’ve written this has been the most thought out, well-organized script I’ve ever written. I made a four page treatment, Acts I, II and III. I had a paragraph on each character. Even illustrations.

And then on Day 1 of Script Frenzy I realized I hated my script.
I spent the next week scrambling trying to figure out what to write instead. I had a vague idea about a guy that died, an angel, a group of wanderers in desert, but nothing remotely concrete.

But since I’m ML for Denver it wasn’t like I could just quit. I had minions (er fellow writers) looking up to me for inspiration you know. So I just had to suck it up and deal with it. And you know, now that I’ve reread my first 76 pages, it’s not as awful as I initially anticipated. In fact, after the rewrite, it will be darn near entertaining. I say near because it still needs quite a bit of work but hey, what are rewrites for?

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