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I received my letter of acceptance into Sheridan’s Visual and Creative Arts Program. HOO-RAH. It’s a program to sharpen your skills – I’ll be taking classes for a year and applying to the Animation program in Fall 2010. Pretty excited. Here’s my portfolio:

Life drawing

Animals in motion


Hand studies

Storyboards starring Adam

My kitchen

My kitchen from my point of view

Beautiful objects

Objects covered in sand

Personal art

6 thoughts on “Sheridan Portfolio

  1. Aaron M says:

    Hi Angela,
    thanks for the comments; I like your teen titans boards. Did you meet at CAI? I just had a computer crash, and borrowing a friends, so things are slow right now. Best regards to you.

  2. Nelson Hernandez says:

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks a lot for the comments & for stopping by. Hey, congratulations on getting into Sheridan! That’s awesome continued success… I’m gonna have to check back in to see your progress from time to time. 🙂

    – Nelson

  3. Mary of the Four Stars says:

    Hey and congratulations on being accepted at Sheridan!
    I’m hoping to apply for the same program for Jan 2010 but wasn’t sure what to put in my portfolio.
    Your portfolio seems so precise! Is there a specific list we’re supposed to follow and did you send in your sketches along with the application form itself?
    Any tips/help would be awesome, thanks.


  4. Angela Entzminger says:

    Hey Ananya,

    thanks for the comment! Sorry it took so long to get back to you – been gone for the summer. I decided to postpone going until Fall 2010. Check out Sheridan’s website under the animation program – they have a detailed list of everything you need to send in. They start accepting applications in February. Good luck to you!

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