Sleeping Patterns Be Damned

So I’ve completely hijacked my sleep schedule. Oh yeah. I have no idea what will befall me at work today. Had a long and hard day dealing with idiots on the phone at the Store I Cannot Name because the organization is cultish like that, so to get over it I watched a lot of television, answered 28 questions on Yahoo! Answers and then began to comb through godawful blog after blog about writers.

Oh man we’re a depressing lot. It’s weird because we’re the ones creating the material. Must be the strike. Honestly I don’t get how professional writers allowed themselves to be screwed over for so long. I guess they were so glad to get jobs that they didn’t care if they were getting paid peanuts for the work that makes studios millions? Oh well.

Silver lining in the story is that I got to vicariously hear about four hours worth of “The Fresh Price of Bel-Air” (survey says: Awesome!) and realized that I can avoid most of the “I want to be a writer but can’t cause I don’t know how woe is me why am I not being recognized as the genius I am” by:

1. NOT reading dailies like Variety or The Hollywood Reporter
2. NOT spending time with people who bitch more than they actually write
3. Spending LOTS of time on blogs like

I’d never heard of John August until today. He wrote “Go.” The Katie Holmes movie. I’ve never seen that movie. But I will give a listening ear and a tired eye to someone who’s actually had a film MADE ’cause heck, I’m not at that point yet. And wonder of wonders, after five hours of trolling through the craptastic wastelands that is the Internet, his site is not only refreshingly funny and upbeat but offers genuine advice that screenwriters can actually USE.

Go John.

And now doing what I should have done five hours ago.

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