So it’s been awhile…

Exactly 2 and a half months since I posted anything new.
Wowsers. How time flies.

Anyway, quick updates on life and such –

I left New York. That’s right – couldn’t stand the place any longer. Time to ride off into the sunset. Moved back to Texas, which I never thought I would do but I enjoy immensely. Worked at a Victoria Secret of all places – for a week and a half. Then got a job at a company I like but which weirdly enough I’m not actually allowed to say on the Internet. Crazy right? But all of you know what I’m talking about so no big deal.

As soon as I can I’ll start posting new art. I’ve been working on “Xia” more than drawing the past two weeks. I love that story but am so sick of it at the same time. As soon as it’s done I can start working on the next script. Nickelodeon will be conducting another fellowship for 2009, so I’ll be entering that. Hopefully I’ll win a spot for the fall, that would be quite exciting.


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