Drawing for Features Storyboarding ANM 372 Week 8, 9 and 10: Scene from Quest from the Soul Stone

This semester I am taking ANM 372 Drawing for Features Storyboarding with Disney Story Artist Tamara Lusher-Stocker. I am chronicling my experience on the blog for myself and for those interested in learning more about storytelling. I highly recommend trying your hand at the assignments we were given. Happy boarding!

Our assignment for three weeks in November was to create an action adventure story.  One of the great things about taking a directed study class is that you can use your thesis project for some of your homework assignments, as long as it fits the requirements. I chose one of my three thesis ideas which is chock full of action – Quest for the Soul Stone, an original live action adventure film I wrote prior to coming to the Academy.  It tells the story of a young priestess Elomere who, along with her dragon/human friend Arek, set off to find the cure for a supernatural plague that besieges their empire.

In this sequence the intrepid Elomere and Arek are flying through the Crags of Navor when they are attacked by a pair of bloodthirsty Gryphons. I will be working on this story and drawings throughout this semester, as well as creating an animatic for it.

Here is the latest version of the story. Enjoy!