The 200th Post!

Woo hoo! Much excitement here. Glad to see that my blogging experiment is no longer an experiment, but a full-fledged habit in writing and drawing. Applause all around.

So in celebration today I went to the Denver Zoo, and drew some pretty sweet drawings of the animals. I enjoyed myself. I like going to the Zoo, especially on the weekdays. Better parking and fewer mobs. It’s fun listening to families watch the animals. Little kids always excited. Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas.

It’s also funny watching parents trying to explain to kids why the animals are freaking each other.

No joke. I’m watching the lions, and they start getting it on. Then I go over to the hippo pound, and they start getting it on. And everyone’s staring, not quite sure how to act, er “appropriately.”


Wow. It’s like National Geographic.




Come on honey, let’s go look at the giraffes.


No! I want to stay and watch the hippos.


But kids gotta learn sometime. Better the Zoo than TV I guess. More accurate.

So here are the lovely pics. Enjoy!

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