The Animator’s Journal: Now fortified with ads!

So if you’re a longtime reader you’ve noticed two new things about the site:

1) New layout

2) Advertising!

The first may or may not stay depending on my mood. I like to change the layout of the site about once a year purely for kicks. Chances are this layout will be gone by Monday due to its overly scribe-like nature. And while I am a scribe, it’s a bit too pretentious for the subject matter methinks.

As for number two, as I am one of the 533,000 people without employment, the ads are staying. Do be a dear friend and click on them from time to time. The revenue will greatly help me out in my time of need. And you want my beloved family to receive Christmas gifts this year, right? Right?

Thanks all for your financial help! It is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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