The Denver Zoo Continued

Told you I had a lot of these drawings.

In other news, I start my new job tomorrow. Very excited about it. No more unemployment – HOORAH! Here in Denver so many people applied for unemployment that the offices are backlogged – it now takes 6 – 8 weeks to receive checks instead of 4. Consequently, I haven’t received any money yet. So I am glad to now be gainfully employed. I read an article in the Post on Sunday that while the national average is 9.6, the unemployment rate for Colorado is 7.3, so at least we are below average. That’s hardly any consolation for those who are unemployed, so my heart goes out to them.

But like I said earlier – zoo animals. So here they are:

A Rhinoceros Hornbill. One of the coolest creatures I’ve ever seen.
Every time I go to the zoo the Rhino is licking dirt. I don’t think he gets enough iron in his diet.

Let me tell you I’ve never seen a more content hippo in my life.
Or a sleepier bear.
Gorilla holding onto the bars like he’s a prisoner. Poor gorilla.
Gorilla. Again.
I had never seen a giraffe sitting before. They don’t do this often. Probably because it’s so complicated to get back up.

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