The Kaiser Report

Yes, the concert was quite smashing. The into band, Datarock – very weird. They looked like Ben Stiller in “The Royal Tenebaums,” complete with sunglasses and red track suits. The keyboardist totally made that band. He kept jumping around, clapping and – get this – playing the saxophone. Kind of badly, but by the end, he had everyone cheering. He made that band.

The next band, I don’t even know their name. They never introduced themselves. Don’t you hate that? They kind of sounded like a cross between Radiohead and something, can’t quite describe them.

And then – KAISER CHIEFS. They lowered a huge sign with their name on it, and it was ON. The whole crowd stood to their feet when they played my FAVORITE SONG FIRST – “Everyday I love you less and less.” Excellent. They are so good live. Much better than on their CDs. “Ruby” and “I Predict A Riot” were also crowd favorites. And in a great comedic moment, the lead singer introduced the keyboardist¬† (Peanut) and encouraged him to come to the front to sing a song. Peanut high fived people and clapped, and the crowd started chanting “Ole, ole ole ole,” to get him going, much to the amusement of the lead singer, who doubled-over laughing.

What an excellent show! They came out and did 2 songs for an encore, and the lead jumped into the crowd, climbing over seats and shaking people’s hands. Amazing, simply amazing.

Rock on, Brits!

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