3 thoughts on “The Lord of the Ocean Animatic and Storyboards

  1. David Henry says:

    Hello, just watched your animation! Wow, I had no idea of what you were doing. Of course in my fascination I have questions. Like, what are you using to capture and create the video animations? I have been working slowly on some of my own, but no where as creative as yours.

    Wheredid the idea for THe Lord of the Ocean come from? It was great, and the syncing of the audio really kept me going. Anyway, the sketches from the Academy of Sciences are really impressive. Thank you for sharing.

    • Angela Entzminger says:

      Hey Uncle David!

      Glad you liked the animation. I got the idea from The Lord of the Ocean from a Haida folktale. They are a group of Native Americans from British Columbia.
      I imported all of the images from Photoshop as PSD files and animated them in Adobe Premiere.

  2. David Henry says:

    You are very a very impressive person. Each time I go back and look at your works (you), I see something new. I know you will keep your focus, and continue to do more and more awesomely creative things. Thanks for sharing, and adding something great to my world.


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