Tuesday Night Life Drawing Class

Charcoal charcoal and more charcoal. I’ll be lucky if I don’t inhale my weight in charcoal by the end of this class. Yikes. Drawing tonight was muy bueno. Jessica was a great model. And Mitch is awesome – he’s like the hip version of Bob Ross. I mean the guy sketches out the figure the way most of us sketch out stick figures. Wow.

Here are the drawings of the night.

one minute gesture drawings
I really like the staff – it reminds me of the dude ferrying the dead on the river Styx.

OK so Mitch did the gesture drawing on the right as an example of how to create better volume.

I tried his approach on the next series of gestures.

five minutes

ten minutes

Mitch showed me how to shade on this one. Neat!

forty minutes
I’m very proud of this drawing. I spent thirty-five minutes getting the form right and five creating the lights.

thirty minutes
Last drawing of the night – I sped through this one so I could create the contrast.

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