Tuesday Night Life Drawing Class

Had a great night tonight. We practiced memory drawing tonight – where you look at the model for 20 seconds then draw what you remember for the next two minutes. That practiced loosened us up immensely. Everyone’s work turned out great as a result after that exercise. I shaded in all of my drawings in 20 minutes as a result of the practice. I’ve never shaded in a drawing in only twenty minutes ever. Kudos to you, Mitch.

one minutes

two minute memory poses

five minutes

ten minutes

twenty minutes

© 2009 Angela Entzminger

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Life Drawing Class

  1. hmb says:

    I found your blog via Script Frenzy.

    What you’re doing – life drawing – is such an important element in animation. You can distinguish between animators and cartoonist who have and who haven’t done life classes. Disney used to have bis animators draw from life all the time prior to doing any film (like ‘Bambi’ – a live fawn was brought in for that purpose).

    Being raised by a successful old-school artist, I always love to come across someone who puts pencil before stylus, paper before screen.

    Keep up the good work and see you on Script Frenzy!

    aka Kerr Dorval

  2. Angela Entzminger says:

    Hey Mike,

    thanks for checking out my blog.
    I totally agree with you – every animator I know (and animation book I’ve read) has stressed the importance of life drawing and acting. A stylus is only as good as the person working behind the scenes.

    Good luck on Script Frenzy – it’s a wild wide.

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