Walk Run First Pass

Here is the first pass of my Walk/Run cycle for Animation II.

I discovered that frames 2 – 6 were not scanned and added to Toon Boom, which is why the walk seems out of place. I find it amusing that I can never just do the assignment as is. It’s not because I want to make things harder for myself by adding tons of secondary action, it’s that I want my character to be interesting. I was going for a “woman with no name” character a la Clint Eastwood in “For A Few Dollars More.” Hence, the hat, boots and poncho. As I began the project I realized I did not know how to animate hair, a hat and a poncho as someone walked then ran.

My teacher gave me a lot of good ideas for fixing this, mainly he suggested that instead of trying to animate it in three quarter view to stick to the main principles and save the fancy stuff for later. The next pass is going to be WAY simpler and the body mechanics will make sense. And more arcs!

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