Web Comic Review: Crowfeathers

Found a great webcomic this week,Crowfeathers by Amy Watson, a sort of Bleach meets Inuyasha set in 1800s Arizona. A young Native American boy discovers that he is half human, half nature spirit, and must learn to control his power in order to protect those who are caring for him after the brutal death of his mother. Angels, demons, spirits and crazy townfolk populate this manga that delves into fantasy and intrigue without the requisite elves, fairies and wizards typical of the genre.

The story masterfully uses humor, drama, and death as it chronicles the protagonist’s journey and is definitely not for the kiddies but great for teens and adults. Beware it looks like there is a yaoi spin to two of the characters later in the story. Not my cup of tea at all but if you are quesy about that sort of thing you can still enjoy the tale even with that side note. Updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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