Web Comic Review: Trying Human

So there’s this woman who has freaky dreams…
And an alien who dreams of hanging out with humans…

Crazy mad-cap mayhem and X-files like plot ensues!

Greetings friends and welcome to The Animator’s Journal weekly Web Comic Review.

Today I am pleased to showcase a well-written, researched and illustrated comic, Trying Human, by Emy Bitner. The dramatic and often comedic comic focuses on the life of Rose Marie Williams, a modern day filing clerk by day who inexplicably sleep walks by night. After going to a therapist and getting hypnotized she realizes that her sleep walks are not by her own accord, but that she is being abducted and analyzed by beings from another world.

And not just ANY beings, but the aliens who landed in Roswell, NM back in the 50s. The government did indeed cover it up and have been in communications with them ever since – even allowing them to transport people for experimentations. As the story onfolds we learn that one of the military personnel of the time even had a rendez vous with one of the beings, which resulted in the birth of a baby (or is it?) And to top that off there is a connection between her and Marie and the alien that loves her, Hue – a clone of sorts who is more human than meets the eye.

It is an engaging story particularly if you are of the sci-fi loving persuasion with interesting characters and a rad update schedule that Ms. Bitner sticks to. Currently over 100 pages of comic are available for your perusal. And you can also see Ms. Bitner’s fabulous sketches on Deviant Art. So head on over and give it a read – your brain will thank you.

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