Wednesday’s ASLD Life Drawing

Great drawing tonight once I got into it. The one and two minutes I like, the five minutes, not so much. The tens and twenties and beyond worked better. I realized last time that newsprint pretty much sucks, so I went out and bought better quality paper. But Canson Biggie Sketch has no tooth to it, so it’s not as awesome as I hoped. Next time I’m sticking with Strathmore sketch paper – it costs more and there are fewer sheets but it is higher quality material.

I also used more than charcoal this time around – decided to experiment with pencil and colored pencil and charcoal tonight. I think the charcoal drawings came out the best. Next time I’m trying out those pastels Granddad gave me.

one minute gesture drawings

two minutes

five minutes

My favorite drawing of the night.

twenty minutes

thirty minutes

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