Welcome Monday You Beautiful Day You

I’ve decided to start each week in a positive fashion. It’s good to remain optimistic, especially in this dismal economy, so that you can do all the things you need to do and still enjoy your day. For instance, look at the little things, like the fact that the SUN IS OUT here in Englewood. I’m so glad. Yesterday was pretty hairy. I had planned to go to church, attend the Squidworks monthly meeting then visit the ‘rents. I shoveled snow off the car, drove about 45 on the freeway packed with snow to get to church, shoveled snow off the car after church and thought “This is dumb, I’m going home.” So instead I went home where it was warm. Time well spent ;D

Today I continue my quest to find full-time employment. I turned down an interview with a marketing company because I found out over the phone that it was for outside sales, which their website had not specified. Here’s a tip kids – if you’re not sure about the job call before you go in for the interview. You want to make sure you know what you’re getting into so that you don’t end up selling phone books door-to-door (true story, my friend and a guy I used to work with at the Apple Store were wrangled into selling phone books. Yikes).

I’m not interested in driving all around town trying to convince people to sell something. I’d much rather do inside sales or writing/editing work. You couldn’t tell from the website what the job actually was and I was beginning to think it was rather shady. I called today and point blank asked the woman “What would I be doing 9-5 Monday through Friday? Inside sales or outside sales? Who would I be selling to?” and found out I would be driving around town over 40 hours a week giving presentations and not spending much time on the phone at all. No thanks.

Also, if you ever get a funky bill from Verizon – don’t accept it! I got a crazy bill for $238 this month. My normal bill is usually $55 so I knew something was wrong. After speaking to two customer reps and a supervisor I discovered that the rep I spoke to back in June when I got my new phone had given me a promotion that didn’t exist! HAUGH! I was gracious but serious about the issue and ended up receiving a credit totaling $171.45 as well as 50 bonus minutes. So rule of thumb kids:

1) Never settle
2) Be forceful but polite

I accomplished everything I needed to over the phone without whining, screaming, or expletives.

On a happier, more artful note, more cryptids coming later in the week. I found a great tutorial in a Photoshop CS2 book that I’m going to use for shading in the work. You’ll see it later in the week.


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