“Xia” 2nd Edition now complete

And the crowd goes wild.

Yesterday I completed one of my New Year’s Resolutions – complete “Xia.”
It is finished.

After a decade of blood, sweat, and reams of paper in my room rivaling Russel Crowe’s office in “A Beautiful Mind” I finished my first feature length script. It clocks in at 124 pages – still “too long” but two pages shorter than the original version I completed last May.

And officially registered! Lucky number 1,245,873.

Sent it off to three friends for review (thank you friends) and now going to give it a rest for awhile so that I can start on the next three scripts.

And what are they, you ask?

1. A spec script for “Hannah Montana” for the Nickelodeon Fellowship
2. A spec script for “Lost” for the Disney Fellowship
3. Either “Rock Out Loud,” “Darkness Rising” or “Xia” for the Nicholl’s Fellowship. Haven’t decided which one – depends on which one I like best by May 1st

I’m pretty stoked about the whole thing. I am one step closer to fulfilling the dream here – I’ll already have three in the can by May, bringing the grand total to six completed works.

Look out, Hollywood. Angela’s coming.

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