Xia Version 3.0

I started to rewrite “Xia” last week after a month hiatus. It’s a good idea to not look at the script for awhile — let it percolate in your brain as you focus on other tasks.

I’ve got two other ideas to work on once “Xia” is completed and submitted to various contests and sites. First one up — Triggerstreet.com. After reading many scripts in Trigger, most of them quite bad, I decided to rewrite my creation before submitting it, as I already knew what the problems were in version 2 and didn’t want it pointed it out to me 10 times by anonymous readers.

After Triggerstreet comes the Final Draft contest, Page International, Slam Dance, the Nicholl’s Fellowship and the Disney Fellowship. I stand to win something out of all of these, *wink wink*.

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