Today’s adventure took place at the fantastic San Francisco Zoo. The Zoo is beautifully designed with wide open spaces for the animals to roam, gigantic eucalyptus trees that block out traffic and only a 5 minute walk to Ocean Beach.

So here’s to les animales, including:

Crane studies:

Deer-like creatures:

Super huge mushrooms (didn’t even have to pay extra to see these):

A Koala who obviously had better things to do than give me a face view and Cassowary studies:

Portrait-size Cassowary. He insisted I get a nice front view, as both his left and right were his “good” side.

Black Swans:

Grizzly Bear and last Black Swan:

I love to dig. GRRR!

A rhino, a squirrel and a tapir walk into a bar:

Double vision rhino eating:

Yes, these two were quite depressed:

The ever inquisitive ant eater. What do you see there, Ms. Eater? (I know she’s a lady eater because her baby was hanging out in the enclosure next door).

Some lovely scenic shots:

And folks at Ocean Beach:

Mine! Mine! Mine!

And finally, Beach photos:

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