Zaana in Spaaaacceeee!

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Character Design today was fantastic. The best way to create a dynamic drawing is to create a story about your character. I created Zaana in Space – intrepid space explorer battling aliens, waiting to go on missions and finally standing triumphantly in the face of danger. Improv classes have greatly improved my drawing skills. In improv you create an idea for a character and your character then interacts with other characters in the same way. When I approached my drawings today, I thought – “What is Zaana doing? Is she fighting for her life? Upset that she wasn’t selected to go on a mission? About to blast off into hyperspace?” Giving her motivation plus “pushing” the drawing (exaggerating what the model is actually doing) makes for interesting drawings.

Blade Runner Storyboards

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Today we presented our storyboards for this week’s assignment. Each group was given a clip from a movie and each person in the group had to board out a scene. Our teacher gave our group “Blade Runner” and I storyboarded the scene where Rick (Harrison Ford) is trying to escape from Roy (Rutger Hauer). I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. Unlike my last assignment, this one conveys a great deal of depth and perspective. The cinematography for this film is fantastic, and showed me how a film can be composed to create a sense of mood. I am looking forward to using the techniques I learned on this project for my thesis. Here are my thumbnails:

And here are the final boards:

Heads and Hands Day 2

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Went to the Heads and Hands workshop at the Federal Building today. When I become a filmmaker I am hiring the person who found the buildings for our school as my location scout. Our campus is super spread out in the craziest of places and the buildings they find are rather nice.

Hands are 5 minutes, complete faces are 20 minutes, incomplete faces are 10 minutes. 

Figurative Concepts Friday

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Today we studied hands and feet. Our teacher, Nicholas, was quite ill and had to leave, so George the substitute filled in for the last half of class. He did a great job, and gave us a twenty page hand out on how to better draw hands and feet. Now I am inspired to practice more to get better. If you can draw hands and feet, you can definitely draw.